Need Help to Stop Foreclosure?

During Preforeclosure, you have several options to assist you in preventing foreclosure. It is imperative you take advantage of foreclosure help because a foreclosure on your credit report is much harder to recover from than late payments, or a short sale. HUD, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development has created several programs to assist homeowners that are in preforeclosure. Home Seller Solutions can help you stay in your home using some of the programs available. Contact Us at (424) 281-9141 to get a free consultation on how to navigate these programs.

It is important to remember that the situation that you are currently in is temporary and there are ways to get out of it and help yourself and your family or make it worse for you. You make it hardest for yourself when you do nothing. Take action and Contact Home Seller Solutions so we can provide you with the best options to recover from foreclosure and your current situation. Call us at (424) 281-9491.

The FHA is working aggressively to stop and reverse losses from foreclosure. Home Seller Solutions can assist you in speaking with them to find out what programs are available for you or you can call the FHA Outreach Center at (800) 225-5342.

In Preforeclosure, but want to keep your home? Call (424) 281-9141 to find out what options are available to you.

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Foreclosure and Preforeclosure is an unfortunate event that happens with home owners. Technically the home that you live in belongs to the bank until you have paid back every last penny on your mortgage. This means that if you miss mortgage payments you can be at risk of losing your home. Preforeclosure is the first step in the bank taking your house from you. There are numerous reasons for missed payments such as: illness, unemployment, pay cut, death, but the bank still wants their money at the end of every month. This can appear to be a tough attitude but it is important for the lender to maintain their balance sheet and make sure that they are being paid as per the agreement taken out at the start of the mortgage contract.

Fortunately, you do have options when facing foreclosure. Home Seller Solutions is one of them. No matter what type of condition your home is in, we are interested in buying it! We pay cash for ugly homes. Just enter your information in to the right and we will contact you to get some information on your home and we will provide you with a cash offer within 24 hours.